Hello visitors! Honestly, it took a great deal of self-thought to start our series of self-development blogs with such a topic. I believe that one cannot “get” a good personality. It sounds like becoming someone you are not. Leaving behind your personality.

Such transition is neither possible nor helpful. You already have a personality. A personality is something you shape yourself into while growing up. And it would help if you accepted yourself.

However, The only drawback here is that – ‘there is always room for development. You cannot change as a whole. Transition into someone else is nowhere near possible. But you can always make growth a part of your life in every aspect. You can always grow into a better person. Thus developing a better personality. The question is – “how do you develop a good personality?” Here’s what you can start with:



When developing a good personality, self-confidence is everything you need to start with. What is self-confidence? Is it something that makes you believe you are superior? Or is it a trait humans own to prove themselves right in their eyes every time, no matter what? The answer is “No.”

Self-confidence is a faith that eventually every individual must have in themselves. It is the strength one owns when they are aware of their capabilities. Trusting yourself even in the worst conditions. To know that you have the strength to overcome situations. Therefore, facing them with a confident attitude. 



“Communication” – all the idea that gathers in your mind on reading this term might bring consciousness to how you present yourself when you speak. As true as it is that communication refers to one’s speaking abilities, it is not enough. The idea of good communication skills includes several factors. One of the most important criteria for being good at communicating is “how good a listener are you?”.

Be an active listener. Listen carefully to what others want to convey. Think and act. Think carefully about the question one asks in a conversation, then answer. Do not give an unwanted opinion. Be precise with your words. 

Communication is the key to personality development. It builds understanding among individuals. You can easily avoid any misunderstanding that comes up if you are good at communicating.


A good personality is not an influence. It’s a root. Know the difference. You cannot change your personality because a random meet with an influential personality brings you self-doubts. What comes as a result of random influence does not stay. Something you work on does!

To root certain skills in your personality brings positive changes. Therefore, develop skills. Note the basic skills you lack. Build your confidence. Develop communication skills. Be a good conversationist. Adapt some basic behavioral changes. 

Most importantly, notice the pattern where you disappoint people. Try to avoid common mistakes. Your personality is how you present yourself before anyone. Do not bring changes in your personality so that you can please the other person. But keep an optimistic view about things and act accordingly. 


Courage is the one thing that makes your personality stand out. You do not need to speak to impress. Express your opinions without the fear that people may judge you. However, it would be best to be well-read about a certain situation to give an opinion on the same. At the same time, don’t force your opinions upon others. Respect their choices too. 

Don’t let your emotions sway you amid important discussions. Come up with facts, not arguments. Have a firm knowledge of what you speak about. Stand up for what is right. 

Also, stand against what you think is wrong. One who chooses silence against evil is also a perpetrator. The power of opinion truly makes you stand out from the crowd.


The biggest compliment to your personality is your aura. Do you remember that one teacher who would enter the classroom and light up your faces with her enlightening aura? How would you wait for her lecture? Did you ever think why? It’s her kindness because she would treat you kindly even after a long and tiring day. 

We often come across such personalities and adore them. Therefore, always be kind to others. No matter the age. Neither category nor their position. Kindness and empathy are the virtues that are always looked upon. And everyone deserves them.


No matter how successful you are, that is not enough to define your personality. Your behavior towards others does to some extent. Here, I won’t say, “If you expect people to respect you, you must respect them.” Respect is not for exchange. 

Do not expect people to respect you first. How one treats you is the mirror of their personality. It would be best if you remembered that it’s not always about receiving what you deserve. Sometimes, it’s about bringing out the best from within yourself.

Men or women, everyone deserves respect equally. Both men and women go through a lot in their lives. Do not let society’s beliefs control your mind. There are no criteria or barriers for giving respect.


It is evident enough from our daily life events that most people judge you based on your body language. Your body language is not just about maintaining the correct body posture. It also includes your way of interacting with others. 

Maintain eye contact in a conversation. Don’t look at other things while speaking. This shows that you have no interest in the conversation. Bring up relevant topics. Listen carefully. Show your involvement. Keep an open mind. 


People mostly lack the confidence to socialize when they think they are misfits. Never let such thoughts overcome your personality. Just make yourself presentable. Own a personality that you don’t hesitate to present before people.

It is also important to choose your attire carefully. Looking presentable doesn’t require expensive outfits. It just requires a proper dressing sense. Your look does not have to be too loud. Choose your look according to the occasion. Be subtle with your look. 

But remember, you look presentable for yourself. This is for you to feel confident and good about yourself. It is what you are inside that matters the most. Thus, develop your inner skills. Do not let social consciousness overcome your personality. All the best!

This blog comes up with tips that include the basic development of skills in one’s personality. Personality development is a broad topic. There are certainly many more aspects in this area.

We will come up with more aspects that one can keep in mind to develop a good personality. We await your response on the blog. Any suggestions regarding upcoming blogs are most welcome. Join us on our Instagram for more updates.

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