Shubham Sinha is a Delhi based youth entrepreneur.

He is the founder of the website Anything At One. His website gives a platform to the youth who want to develop skills in content writing.

Shubham Sinha is a blogger himself. He also trains new writers in blogging. Anything At One publishes blogs by young authors and gives them the opportunity to showcase their talent. As the name suggests, Anything At One covers several categories of learning like fitness, fashion, food, parenting, traveling, technology and grooming through blogs to facilitate readers in finding anything they require under one website.

In near future, the website tends to collaborate with local shopkeepers and provide them a market. This will promote the slogan support local by giving them an online platform to accelerate their profit margin.

Shubham Sinha is also a fitness influencer and runs his YouTube channel Rialto Spoke to promote the importance of fitness among youth. Through his channel, he aims at providing professional guidance and support. To those who are willing to stay fit but cannot afford the expenses of fitness hubs.

He creates content for other YouTube channels too. One of his short films ‘Pankha – the revolving hope’ shot under his direction will be releasing soon.

As a director, some of his upcoming projects are under work and will be disclosed soon.

With a significant number of brand collaborations, Shubham Sinha (popularly Sinha Shaab) is a social media influencer. Some of his recent brand promotions include Beardo, Pepsi, Dettol, Lays, Truke, Libert, Set Wet, Bingo, Earthnut, speaking tree and Skin and Hair Academy.

Shubham Sinha not only directs others and spreads awareness on fitness but makes fitness an important part of his life. He has collaborated with fitness brands like Asitis and RC nutrition as a fitness model.

Shubham Sinha works as a digital marketing executive at a UN registered organization Empowering Humanity. Empowering Humanity works for women empowerment, feeds and gives shelter to the helpless, cater the educational and nutritional needs of children, support the elderly and arrange several events like donation drives to make a difference for the underprivileged sections of the society.

There are people who volunteer towards the cause through their selfless service.

According to Shubham Sinha, there are many firms like Empowering Humanity that work for the welfare of the community. But they cannot promote themselves on a large scale. In such cases, social media marketing is the best option for promoting such organisations.

In his opinion, social media marketing is one of the best skills that can lead the youth to several opportunities in future. Not only this but the youth would be able to choose to work independently and make profit or collaborate with firms for mutual growth.

The 23 year young entrepreneur considers expanding one’s self as the key to success. He wants the youth to work on themselves, develop their skills and make sure that there is enough room for their growth in the field they choose. “If you make up your mind about what you want, your constant efforts will make a way for you and no hurdle can turn your path.”

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