Hello ! all welcome back again . So if you are Anxious about your weight management . Then you are at the best palace . If you want to gain or loss weight all solutions are here . Here you will get some BEST DIET which you can follow to achieve your desirable weight .

Today we will talk about some tasty weight loss food Which can help you to achieve your goal quickly . At first we will start it by just replacing one time meal with it . We will add some exercise so that the food will work in more efficient way. so lets start the diet

Ingredient for weight loss diet

  • Eggs
  • Cucumber
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Almond

How to prepare meal?

We need some eggs , cucumber, pumpkin seeds, & almond . First of all you have to boil 4 egg .Most importantly you don’t have to eat the whole egg . Take 3 egg white and 1 whole egg. Next cut cucumber and add this with cinnamon powder to it . After that add some and and pumpkin seeds . It will work more efficiently if you take black coffee with it .

So don’t wait so much replace this with your lunch you will definitely get amazing results . I loss 10 kg from this and adding more to it . I will discuss more about in my next blog stay tuned .If you want blog on your issues than DM us