Arnav kumar is a known Delhi based  social media Influencer and his real name is “Sachin Kumar Gupta” according to documents. He’s was born on 5th March 1999 in Chattarpur District, Madhya Pradesh. Living in New Delhi since last 16 years. 

Arnav Kumar has an interesting story behind becoming a social media Influencer. He always wanted to get a government job and simple lifestyle. Whole day he used to spend by studying their syllabus, playing sports and he was most addicted to video games and watching funny and interesting videos in YouTube and also he was fond of clicking his own pictures.

He started posting his pictures in Instagram and Facebook, was motivated by the love he was getting from social media users. His Social Media accounts started growing day by day and got him first paid sponsorship when he had only 3K something followers in his Instagram page and that was the day he decided to do influencing as part time. His life was never easy as people use to see him.

He belongs to a middle class family, rented in Delhi since last 18 years with his family. Completed his schooling in 2017 and graduation in 2021 with Arts Stream. Apart from his correspondence studies, he was pursuing his full time job and had done 3 jobs in different companies/ organizations.

He lost his last job in July 2020 due to COVID19 pandemic spreading all over the globe and financial condition became worst for months then he decided and started his career as a social media influencer.

He’s popular for his content that he creates in social media platforms just like Instagram, Changa short video app etc. He creates fashion & lifestyle content and influence the people using social media platforms. He had collaborated with many brands and promoted their products & business with his growing social media platforms. He also creates short videos in “Changa, Josh, Chingari & Takatak short video apps. 

Arnav Kumar is also a verified Influencer at Amazon and he’s registered in some  known digital productions just like Celebyte, Tring India as celebrity and many other Influencer’s marketing agencies.  

Arnav Kumar is also the founder of “Growwithus Network Influencer’s Community (GNIC)” an influencer marketing platform which connects Influencers to brands for collaborations & business purposes.

They have worked with many brands yet. And they provide genuine and quality service to brands and other clients. He’s also going to start his own clothing brand and we’ll get to know about it more in upcoming months. 

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