Shambhavi Shrivastava is the co-owner of the website Anything At One. The young entrepreneur brings up the concept of training young minds to build a path for socioeconomic development of the society.

Shambhavi Shrivastava promotes the idea of channelising efforts into connecting rural skills to urban technologies – skill meets tech. Not everyone is privileged and in a state to afford resources. At such an hour, the least one can provide them is support.

The 20 year old visionary aims at creating opportunities for the skilled section of our society who are not familiar to marketing strategies and promote their work on a wider level.

The young entrepreneur is an engineering student at Banasthali Vidyapith. Shambhavi Shrivastava believes that youth, being educated citizens of the society and ultimately the nation’s future must build the understanding of cultural and social differences in the society.

She states that it is important to hold an opinion whether political or social and stand up for what is right if you want yourself to be heard. Through Anything At One, she reaches and introduces youth to the digital platform that allows them to showcase their talent.

Skilled in content writing and blogging, Shambhavi Shrivastava trains and guides a team of young individuals who are interested in growing as content writers and making an identity of their own. She believes that it’s the interpersonal skills more than experience that makes her capable of leading a team.

Skilled in full stack web development, Shambhavi Shrivastava is currently working on her project in building a meaningful website and introduce it to the digital platforms soon.

The objective of her website would be to provide a progressive environment for work where ideas are recognised and workers can attain mutual benefit because as important as it is to recognise the skills, it is equally important to give them what they deserve as hardwork deserves reward.

Shambhavi Shrivastava further shares that one’s skills are the biggest asset. It is not important to develop technical skills only. But one can also put their heart out in their personal interests.

She mentions that her interests in writing and debating helps her in guiding her team in content writing and brings her close to the understanding of dealing with circumstances respectively. One of the major soft skills that makes it imperative for us to act is leadership.

It’s her utmost will to give some major contribution to youth organizations like AIESEC which is world’s leading youth run organisation and aims at developing leadership potential in youth.

Shambhavi Shrivastava works with a dream to be a Ted X speaker and represent the skills in India on such a huge platform. The young leader believes that “Opportunity is everything. But opportunities don’t knock at your convenience. If you have the urge to succeed and the will to work till the zenith, only then can you turn your opportunities into success. So, make things happen and create future.”

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