Hello everyone, welcome back to another blog. The topic of today’s blog is herbalife weight loss products and some of the supplement related to loss weight. We will discuss about one of the most famous product to loss weight.

weight management through supplements is safe?

In today’s life so many people are having problem with their weight. Is it safe to use any kind of fat cutter to loss weight.

One question is always striking in our mind that IS THIS SUPPLEMENT SAFE? Do it reduce our weight.

Many people are searching ways to gain or lose weight through supplements or fat cutters.

If the same questions are revolving around your mind. You are at the best place to get all your answers of your query regarding weight loss.

In this blog we will cover all the query mention above. Yes we can reduce weight through herbalife weight loss products but for a certain period of time. And if seen it has many kind of side effects also. Read the full blog. To know the best way to manage weight


weight loss

According to me if you want to reduce your weight the best way to do it is. Reduce your weight in a natural way.

  • By adding balanced diet in your routine.
  • By adding some exercise in you day to day activity.
  • Maintaining stress level also plays a vital role in weight management.
  • By taking adequate amount of sleep
  • Avoiding junk foods and more amount saturated food.
  • By cutting sugar and refined carbohydrates from our daily routine
  • By eating plenty of fibrous fruits and vegetables

Most of us have seen in many blogs and videos about it at so many platforms. Loss weight in 1 week or in 10 days and many more. You can easily find so many videos on this in many platforms. Who assured us about it but natural way is the best way to manage your weight. Through it you can achieve a certain weight loss goal.

It’s not compulsory to use any kind of supplement to loss weight. These kind of supplements can give you quick result. For that you have to change so many habits of your daily life.

Herbalife weight loss product to reduce weight

Herbalife weight loss to reduce weight can harm your body in many ways sometime can harm your liver also.

If your goal is only to loss weight so there are many ways to reduce it. Videos about reduce 5 kg weight in 7 days or reduce 10 kg in 15 days all are fake. We can’t lose 5 kg in a week until unless we have any illness in our body.

If you are losing weight naturally than you can achieve weight loss but you can’t lose 10 kg in a month.

Now let’s come on weight lose through supplements and fat burners. There are so many supplement in market which assured weight lose through their product.

One of the famous brand which is famous is HERBALIFE. The company is a global multi-level marketing corporation which deals with many products. This company have wide range of products which are going popular around many states.

One of their most popular program is herbalife weight loss management program. Which have combinations of three or four product together along with Fit bit band.

Technique in herbalife weight loss management program

If you decided to go through herbalife weight loss program then you should keep in mind. You have to have to replace your all time meal with their shakes and protein bars. You have to sacrifice your all eating habit and have to strict with their fixed eating schedule.

According to their program. One who wants to lose weight should have to follow their strict diet schedule. They have to leave all the food item which he was taking from a long time and I thing that’s not easy for a normal person.

To reduce their weight according to them you should have to live on their protein shakes as well as protein bars, teas, aloes, vitamins. The person have to replace all kind of food items with the supplement and protein bars and trust me it is not easy for any person.

Now as we all know as we have addiction of different kind of delicious cultural food. We can’t replace all food items with supplements and fat cutters.

Nowadays as we have to attend so many kind of heritage and culture gatherings and festivals. One of the way to best way to celebrate festival is food we can’t resist it.

Food is the lifeline of a person’s life and if anyone will say you to replace that delicious food with any herbalife weight loss products. What will you do? One can easily manage if we have to leave that for a certain period of time but no it’s not about that.If you want to lose weight through herbalife weight loss program you have to leave all the marvelous food from your life.

If you start eating your regular diet than you will see gain in your weight again. You have to use protein bars, protein shake, teas and much more regularly which according to me does not sound so good at all.

Yes you can see the result quickly but it’s temporary because if you will leave their products and come to take normal food then you will start gaining again. You can’t leave grains for all life. For healthy well living we have to eat all kinds of food which gives us all kind of nutrient, vitamins, minerals and many more. 

Side effects of using herbalife weight loss program.

As we discussed above Herbalife is good for weight loss for a temporary period of time along with it have some side effects also. The shakes which they prefer is highly processed ingredient such as protein isolated, sugar, gums, fibers, synthetic vitamins, artificial mineral and emulsifiers.

We all know that having all of the above kind of ingredient together for a long time is not safe for us. Yes, it can give you results but taking all this have demerits also.

High in sugar

We all know more of any substance is not good for humans body not just this. The shake have a list of  things which are having some place to damage our body. One of the biggest drawback is that the shake are very high in sugar 40% of the calories in each serving comes from added sugar and primarily fructose.

There are many reports of WHO (world health organization) which shows that we have to take only 5% of calories from added sugar which is roughly equal to 25 gram per day for adult taking it in more quantity is not good for us. Although shakes cants replace our diet we will feel hungry because they don’t have enough calories to constitute a true meal.


It is costly also everyone can’t have it all time. Each container of herbal life food replacement having 30 servings and we have to take 2 servings on daily bases. One pack can cost around 40$ and it have 30 servings so we have to spend around 80$ in replacement of our meal.  We all know that too much of supplement is not good for our life rather than that we have to eat some healthy food which will give us all the nutrient and vitamins in its purest form.

Can cause Liver Damage

The herbal life weight loss program have a blend of many ingredient together. Many reports says, the product which are used under this program are tested on the basis of effectiveness and aren’t tested and regulated by any government agencies. In fact there are many reports which shows that the products can cause liver damage. Many of user who left it verified itself that after leaving the program.

They weight is going up again and I read in many reports of institute of health so many cases of suspected liver due to herbal life weight management plan this also lead to liver transplant or even causing death. This product also have some overgrowth bacteria which directly connected with liver damage. It can give you fast result but I don’t think you need fast results with these kind of demerits. It’s not appropriate for everyone. People with allergies, sensitive can’t use it freely because it can cause more adverse effect to their body.


At last we come at a conclusion where we say that herbalife weight loss program is good plan but using these kind of activity for managing our weight is not an appreciable idea. If you want to lose weight so the best way to do it is without having any fat cutter and supplement. Don’t get in any kind of hoax. Lose 5 kg weight in 7 days, 10 kg weight in 20 days. They are just to attract people nothing else.

Choose the way which don’t harm your overall body is the best way. If you want to use these kinds of products they can give you fast results but with some side effects also.

For weight management you have to take minimum amount of junk food. If you can avoid junk food than its too good it can show you faster results and add some healthy habits to your life. Trust me at first you have to face some problems but after sometime you will start enjoying it.

You have to make slight change in your diet plan and you have to add some exercise that’s it. It will take some time but the result will gives you more happiness because you can eat at least eat so many thing which tastes good even you are on diet. One more thing don’t think leaving your food is a good option.

You have to eat all things in a balanced way and if you are having trouble in deciding. Don’t take tension we are here for that you just have to make decision we will take you one step closure toward your goal.

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