Hello! all in today blog we will discuss about important of physical education in a student’s life A few decades ago, this topic was never in discussion. Life of student become more and more competitive and because of that they have pressure to be on the top is increasing.

The concern about physical as well as mental health in a student life is gaining heat gradually. From peers to study, it is becoming more about competition than a fun and enjoying school life.

Therefore at a very tender age of adolescence the child starts becoming confused about future.They start comparing themselves with others. They competitive about scoring marks and develops envy towards peers. Lack of friends and motivation, lack of proper consultancy, lack of faith on parent and well-wisher, low scores in exams, etc. Leads the mind to become more frustrated. Which lead a effect on their physical life too. They try to work harder neglecting the other essential of life such as health, happiness, cheerfulness, etc. Hence leading to serious diseases, lack of concentration, and may something become serious like depression and anxiety disorders. Therefore, it is important to focus on all aspect to keep the students fit and mentally active and make them ready to face more bigger problems in life.

Causes and effect

The students may occur serious health and mental issues due to various reasons.

  • High fast food intake that causes digestive problems and lack of nutrition.
  • High pressure by family, teachers, peers or any other reason that may cause anxiety, stress and problem in socialization in school or any other institution.
  • Lack of physical exercise that may cause various health issues, lack of concentration, etc. and can cause respiratory problems, skin problem, etc.
  • Lack of proper knowledge about health and hygiene that leads to eye problems, skin problems, etc.
  • Peer pressure may also sometimes lead to child become conscious about slim body and weight.

Prevention measures:

By child:

Various measures that can be taken by child to work on the physical and mental health :

  • 1. Regular exercise– physical activity of only 30-60 minutes will help the student to stay fit. The exercise can include yoga, meditation, jogging, running and stretching exercise. This will help the mind to become concentrated and attentive. Physical workout will help in keeping the body flexible and less prone to injuries and diseases. The body will remain used to physical activity and never suffer from fatigue.
  • 2.  Prefer walking and cycling if possible. This will be good to keep the body part working and will help to bring efficiency in sleep.
  • 3. Avoid fast food– food should be effective enough to meet all the requirements of nutrients to the body. Intake of fast food should be minimum. This is because fast food damages digestive system if taken in large quantity. Food items such as sprouts, broccoli, dal, fruits, chickpeas, green leafy vegetable, beetroot etc. are protein and nutrient rich and should be taken in good quantity.
  • 4. Listening Music – music is very effective in helping to heel the mental breakdown. Exercising with music adds beat and rhythm to workout and makes it more enjoying. Music has soothing effect on the mind and help release stress and reduce anxiety. It also reduce chances of depression and anxiety disorder. It also make the body active by bringing a new energy in the body.
  • 5. Taking part in extracurricular activity – It bring the sportsman spirit and discipline in the life. If one regularly takes part in sports or other curriculum. These also bring a peace in life by teaching that the winning and losing are a part of life and just makes us ready for another step. It also helps to interact with the social environment and helps making friends. Taking part in the clubs such as happiness club, dance club, environmental club etc. brings up the new ideas from within the person and brings happiness.
  • 6. Keep sharing thoughts and problems with parents and well-wishers to keep the mind stress free and consoled.
  • 7. If needed, seek for help from counselor or any other well-wisher to reduce the chances of any larger problems of anxiety disorder or depression.