Hello all today i will show you one mouth watering dish and if you are a food lover than you will love to visit this place . This dish is popularly know as SPECIAL DRY FRUIT PIZZA OMELETTE . Gainer also love to add this in their schedule . So don’t get bore with your regular diet try this place you will definitely love to visit it again . They have a wide range of omelette in their catalog . Every dish have it separate fan base . you will love to taste all of them .


The omelette i tried is SPECIAL DRY FRUIT PIZZA OMELETTE with 6 eggs and stuffed with full dry fruits . At first it will grab your attention through its presentation . Now let’s talk about it’s taste . If you are foodie than you will definitely love it and if you are not an foodie than i can bet you . you will come again to taste it & if we talk about its nutrition value . You will amaze to know that It will give you good amount of protein , carbohydrate, vitamin good fats and much more .

Another best part is watch the making of the OMELETTE . It’s so tempting to see the procedure of making the omelette . At first they half fry all the the ingredient in Amul butter which make the omelette more cheesy . After that they add more butter in it and start the preparation of making the base with bread and egg then they start garnishing it with different type of dry fruits & fruits.


At last let’s talk about where you will get this ? The location is very simple . The address is Pocket 13, Mangalpuri I, Palam, New Delhi, Delhi 110045 . You can also order through Zomato . One more important thing don’t come on tuesday (Tuesday closed)