Hello Everyone, on this auspicious occasion of women’s day. We have come up with this blog WHY SHOULD I RESPECT WOMEN? in which we won’t just find answers to the above question. But also discuss the most used word in today’s age, ‘feminism.’ 

Is there something that we known as pseudo-feminism? How has this topic become so important in the past few years. Why should we respect women so much when we love to quote that both genders are equal. Answer to these and many more questions are awaiting you in the lines below. 


 From the times of the Agriculture Revolution, most societies in this world have been patriarchal, though the exact reason behind it is not so clear.

why should i respect women

Some argue that since the men were more physically strenuous, which gave them control of food production and therefore women started becoming more and more dependent on them. The counter to this opinion is that women have been more mentally strong, had better organizational skills, and could tolerate more agony. 

Whatever the reason be, the outcome of patriarchal genes was that men starts to believing themselves as the head of the family. Apart from few exceptions, women started to become more and more submissive.

Another reason for women not working was the womb they carry with themselves. A man could not biologically give birth to a child, and therefore he was free to go out and work.

On the other hand, a woman had to stay at home whenever she was pregnant, and the frequency of being pregnant was way too high in those times as compared to today.

In this modern world, we have examples of politicians, actresses who work during and after their pregnancy period, but this has been possible because of the developments in the medical field.

Also, there were no babysitters available at that time. So the women had to stay home even after delivering the baby to feed him/her. So, we can guess that by this time, women mostly stayed at home and rarely went out to work.

The women who dared to challenge this system were suppressed. The reason being this time, men had ‘accepted’ themselves as superiors. 


 Years pass, and this system has now spread to every household. Although things are slowly changing now, people were getting rich and therefore literate or actually the exact opposite. Women also started attending the schools and the moment a small girl dressed to go to a nearby school, everything changed.

respect women

The girls are well-versed and therefore eligible for the jobs ( at least intellectually since most jobs were reserved for men ). Steadily, but the wave of women empowerment had started, and in 1893, women got the right to vote for the first time in New Zealand ( a British colony at that time ). 

From this point onwards, women didn’t look back. Not that it was a cakewalk for them, but at least now they have a voice, a say in the formation of governments, and a few posts in a few offices.

Do women suppressed and tortured now too? – Of course. Although they had started to get voting rights in many nations, their primary role was to stay at home and, most importantly – Not to dream big. 


In the last century or so, things have changed exponentially for females. Now, they are a part of every office you can think of (though the numbers are less ), earn as per their potential, don’t just vote but are elected, and guess what… ALL OF THIS, WHILE CARRYING A WOMB.   

Again, the income of people change, lifestyle change, but what change predominantly or rather what was taken away from the hands of the so-called fate was the “ability to dream big . No matter whether you have testosterone or estrogen running within yourself”.  


 If we go by the definition, feminism has actually been with us for many years. The definition is -feminism is the belief in full social, economic, and political equality for women. But, has it remained that simple in the past few years.

To be honest, and for the lack of better words, feminism has been too over-used. People have started looking towards it as something pessimistic.  

Most of us know to this word through social media. According to me I don’t think social media is not the best place to gather information. What people say on Twitter and Facebook are just opinions and not facts. Everyone on these platforms uses these words according to their own interpretation.

Another harsh but true fact is that not everyone on social media is well educated. Therefore, people love to follow and exaggerate the trends that come their way. Nepotism is one such example.  


I would actually like to rephrase this question – Is there something called pseudo-feminism? Pseudo refers to something not genuine or spurious. How can a system made for protecting a set of people be fake? The truth is that we lack to find a better word. Further, in my opinion, it is “repercussion.

“Whenever a big change takes place in history, it comes with repercussions; when India and Pakistan decided to become independent nations, that came with a repercussion of losing so many innocent lives. But that’s how it works, and if you have read Yuval Noah Harari’s – Sapiens, you will relate when I say that -history is unfair. 

I am not saying that repercussions are not a big deal, and there is no such harm from it. I am just saying that it happens. You can take up any upheaval in history. On one side, you will see the smiles of the people who benefited from it. On the other hand will be trenched in blood with the types of the blood of those who lost their lives in the process. So as compared to the wars, the human species has witnessed, this is just a small battle. Here people are trying to make two genders equal. 


If you have read this blog up to this point, I think you know the answer to this question. Women have tolerated and fought a lot from time immemorial to earn a place in this society. At least respect them for that.

And if that reason is not enough for you, then respect them. For the battles they are fighting incessantly in their daily lives. From someone staring at them on the road to menstruation to even teasing. To as small as getting annoying messages every other day. Further more, to as big as rapes that have become a part of this nation’s identity.

Respect them for all these things that we as boys don’t have to go through. And, if you are a girl, respect those boys who keep themselves distant from such activities. 

I dwelled on the history because I wanted you to get a glimpse of what women have seen. We need to understand why all this feminism thing is happening! why this change is so important, and why we should actually respect women around us. I had a great time writing this blog, and I hope you have a great time reading it.

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