Welcome to our new blog. In this blog we will tell you all about Why do some teenagers seem to hate their parents? This time we are taking you on a journey that we all have experienced firsthand. It remains an intriguing and ambiguous path to date. Yes, we are talking about teenage and their effect on the parent-child relationship.

First of all, let us try to define teenage. 

Teenage:¬†Denotes a person between 13 to 19 years old. Correct definition, right? But let’s put it this way. Teenage – A time interval when you think you have grown up though you haven’t. Harsh? Okay, wait. Teenage- A time interval when you start experiencing hormonal changes and suddenly start to feel empowered to begin challenging institutions and ways of life.

I can give you 15 different definitions of teenage right now, and this is why you need this blog. Teenage is a very subjective and delicate topic, so there are so many questions about it. Even the parents are amused with the changes they start to see in their kids during this phase, and one day of our frustration, they say, ” Our child has changed, maybe he has started hating us”. But is this the case? Not.

In my opinion, the most beautiful part of a teenager is that it goes on for 6 long years and gives one a chance to metamorphose multiple times. At the age of 13, you might be an angry, grumpy kid, and at 19, you might become an utterly tranquil person. This is why I like to divide teenage into two phases. The first one is 13-16 yrs, and the second is 16-19 yrs. 

When you enter your teenage years, you are completely naive and full of enthusiasm. Slowly you start exploring the world, and most importantly, you start questioning things. You begin to develop your conscience and your understanding of right and wrong. And this is where the twist comes. Until now, most of your decisions were being taken by your parents and suddenly, as part of this whole “challenging” the world concept, you start to question your parents.

But is questioning one’s parents a wrong thing? NO. It’s just about how you do it. Today as a 20-year-old boy, I have very different views on many topics compared to my parents, and I question their decisions from time to time. But instead of blaming them, I think of their circumstances and then confront them about those.¬†

However, I must admit that this was not the case 5 years ago. Back then, I would label their decisions as wrong and think they were against me. Well, that wasn’t the case. When I look back and think of all the stupid demands I used to make, I realize why they were always by my side and not against me.

Another prominent point I would like to highlight here is that in Indian households, questioning parents isn’t taken that well. This is another reason the child starts to develop this anger ( if not hatred). To all the parents out there, we all know the kind of stupid questions your teenage kid asks, but if you rebuke him right now, he will never come back to you when he has a severe problem at hand.¬†

The last paragraphs lead me to another imperative factor of this blog, the communication gap. We all have experienced this, haven’t we? “Not feeling like talking to our parents” because just last night they have reprimanded us for our English test marks or for that demand we had to buy a new bicycle/ lunchbox/ school bag/ list goes on which our friend has.

TALK. My only advice to the concerned parties here is to discuss and solve. As simple as that. Because if you let this become complicated, your child will never come to you for a piece of advice, and then he will go to his “friends”. Who surprisingly aren’t his friends indeed.

Our friend circle is one of the most influential parts of our teenage and the advice they give, the kind of clothes they wear, and the content they watch are the pinnacle for us during those days. The only problem is, you get very, very poor advice from your so-called friends in these times, especially in the first subset of teenage (13-16 yrs). It is scarce to find good friends in this age bracket ( and if you find them, hold onto them) because these “friends” never see things from the perspective of one’s parents and their advice is, therefore is, mostly poor ( not always though, remember it’s rare but possible). 

Therefore, the friend circle is another reason kids start to hate their parents because they see their friends getting better things than them which they, unfortunately, associate with the amount of love one’s parent has for them.

All these points combined – questioning, communication gap, friend circle, and demand for better materialistic things lead to a feeling of hatred in one pure heart for their parents. However, it is essential to notice what I said at the beginning of this blog. Teenage is a long, long time interval, and therefore it always gives one a chance to make things better.

And honestly, many of us do. We realize the silly mistakes we have made and try to better our relationship with our parents. And this is the most important thing. To try and make things better.

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