Hello all! welcome to our another blog. In this blog we will discuss about NARCISSIST. WHAT IS THE ENDGAME FOR A NARCISSIST? Read the full blog. The word narcissism falls in and out in today’s world. People toss around this word without even knowing the true meaning it. People mistake it as self-love, but it’s more of a sense of grandiosity.

Who is a narcissist?

Narcissism is less of a “social media word” and more of a phenomenon about which people are unknown.

In simple words, narcissism can be defined as a phenomenon in which a person is insanely self-obsessed with themselves and can’t tolerate the slightest amount of criticism.

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD):

In psychological terms, narcissism does not mean “self-love.” Instead, it’s more accurate to say that people with narcissistic personality disorder are in love with the false image or the false idea of their self-being. People with NPD are carefree cause they don’t contain any insecurities inside of them.

They are the best image of themselves with no flaws. But propping up their idealized or delusional image to the world takes a lot of effort, and that’s when the dysfunctional attitude and behavior pops.

NPD involves a pattern of self-obsession, self-centeredness, arrogant behavior, and lack of respect for others. People usually define a narcissist as cocky, proud, overconfident, manipulative, and selfish.

These thoughts always surface in people’s minds involved who are a part of narcissist’s life, whether their work-life or love life or family. People with narcissistic personality disorder are very resistant to change their attitude towards others even if it is on the verge of causing problems.

They tend always to blame others. People with NPD are compassionate and reactive to criticism and disagreement, and they consider these as a self attack on themselves. People dealing with a narcissist find it best to go along with whatever they believe, as pointing out their mistakes can turn out to be a burden for them.

Why is NPD more common in men?

Roughly 6% of the population has a narcissistic personality disorder. Research has shown that it is also more prevalent in men than in women — 7.7% vs. 4.8%. Research indicates that personality differences like narcissism can arise from the gender stereotypes going on for ages.

Men are more selfish because that is what has been implied onto them since very young. Expectations from “only males” and gender differences and stereotypes of feminity and leadership are the factors that have made men more narcissistic. 

It’s common to men due to the existence of several false truths. False facts such as “men are superior to women” are still established. Following this, other stereotypical thoughts like “men should make all the man decisions of the family” and “men are the head of the family” and what not!

These illogical and patriarchal establishments lead to the root cause of NPD. This marks an impression in male minds and makes them more narcissistic than women.  

The Nine Traits of a Narcissist:

A person with narcissistic personality disorder can be pretty challenging to diagnose. To diagnose NPD, a doctor needs to determine if they fulfill at least five of the nine traits. Many times, NPD does not get recognized as the symptoms may overlap with other personality disorders. 


Exaggerated need for self-importance. 

Feeling of superiority.

They are prioritizing themselves on every occasion whatsoever. 


  • Always wants to make them the center of attraction.
  • They try to make every conversation about themselves.


  • Preoccupied thought of uniqueness. 
  • A person with NPD always thinks that they can only be understood by other special or high-status people or institutions.


  • Carelessness about other people’s needs and emotions. 


Sense of pride and overconfident nature.

Self-stability depends on the belief in being exceptional.


  • Intimacy is avoided.
  • Believes in the fact that they can always be independent.
  • Prioritizing and tendency to have the upper hand in any relationship.


  • Patients with NPD, when not getting enough attention and admiration, starts to become restless, depressed, and empty.


  • Fear of losing.
  • Compromises required by schools, jobs, and relationships may feel intolerable.


  • Unfulfillment of needs and attention can lead to taking a major step. 

  What is a Narcissist’s endgame?

The end game possibly for a narcissist is to live a life where they feel content. To have a life where they feel happy given all the life circumstances. A life in which they can find peace leaving all the chaos. 

Why a person is a narcissist is not the question. The question is, what led them to be what they are?

What they have to live through is quite different from what we all go through. It’s difficult how each step in their life comes with a fear of going wrong. The constant panic of not being understood and made fun of, the constant dread of being left out. The horrific image of not being worthy.

The fear of not being trustworthy, haunting them for life. Why does a narcissist feel to seek admiration, you ask? Well, all their life they have been taught to believe that they are unlovable. 

More about Narcissist’s endgame

What ironic is that for most of us, we are able to find someone in our lives, whom we trust and who trusts us, and with whom we can plan a future. We are able to find a person who understands us even in the darkest times. A person with whom we are comfortable expressing our true self.

Person who knows how to pull you up if you are spiraling down into a rough situation. A person who is there for you in your highs and lows. A person with which you can enjoy sweet times and memories. The narcissist’s beliefs about themselves prevent that from happening, however. Believing that they are unworthy and incapable of love, they try to seek admiration instead.

But sadly, this substitute cannot last long, and they lose. Relationships, be it work, family, or love, needs a reciprocation of affection and emotions. When they see other humans in a vulnerable state, they remind them of their own weakness. The narcissist believes that they are not worthy of that, and the relationships fall apart eventually, and this is the point when the narcissist loses their patience which leads to opting for disturbing steps. 

But the “endgame,” as you call it, is the same for anybody else. They want to enjoy life and everything, they want to find somebody who is worthy of their trust, they want to be understood and loved just like any other human on earth, and they want to be in peace with themselves.

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