Welcome everyone to my other blog. Today, I will share SKIN BENEFITS OF WISHCARE VITAMIN C SERUM. So as you all know, vitamins are essential nutrients in our food as they immune our body from several diseases, but you know what? They also make our skin healthy-looking and glowing.

Proper intake of all the vitamins is essential. The primary source of vitamins is fresh fruits. More specifically, if we talk about vitamin c rich sources, then we get from citrus fruits like berries, lemon, oranges, etc. other than that, we also get vitamin c from vegetables like bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, snow pea, etc. intake of these vitamin-rich sources benefits a lot for our body. Still, we don’t see significant changes in our skin for that. We need to apply a concoction of vitamin c.

Why WISHCARE vitamin c SERUM?

Lacking these vitamins will further make our skin look dull, pigmented, wrinkly, or, you can say, unhealthy, which I guess is a nightmare for most of us. Therefore, we must include the usage of vitamins in our daily skincare regime.

Now, we generally see the usage of vitamin e in our skincare products as it adds nourishment to the skin and moisturizes it. Still, other than nourishment, our skin also needs to be protected against free radicals that damage our skin, causing acne and inflammation, & to reduce that, wishcare vitamin c serum works wonders.

Because of its antioxidant properties, wishcare vitamin c serum aids in the skin’s natural regeneration process, which helps our body repair damaged skin cells. And I must say it. C is a boon for our skin, and it has many other advantages too.

Below are a few benefits of wishcare vitamin c serum

  1. Lightens skin complexion: First of all, people often misguide themselves when they assume that certain products can make their complexion fair. It’s not true that nothing in the world can change your complexion completely. But a few things will surely help you in achieving even skin tone or, in other words, lightning your face to some extent, and vitamin C is that one ingredient that can help you attain a clear complexion
  2. Prevent premature aging: wishcare Vitamin c serum is excellent for anti-aging because it can boost collagen production. Collagen is a type of protein that helps form connective tissues in the skin. As the skin ages, collagen production decreases, which causes the skin to lose elasticity. Daily use of it. C can surely boost the production of collagen that’ll make your skin youthful.
  3. Protects from Sun damage: The UV rays from the sun when strikes skin surface causes damage by generating free radicals that leads to sunburn, tanning & aging. Vitamin c prevents cell damage by neutralizing free radicals from harmful effects.
    It would help if you kept in mind that you can’t replace vitamin c serums with sunscreen because it does not block UV rays from the sun. However, using both together will provide much better protection against sun damage.
  4. Reduces acne scars: Acne’s are annoying, and acne scars are even more annoying. It takes a very long duration to get rid of those scars. But you know what usage of vitamin c Will speed up the healing process to clear acne & also promote collagen formation that will fade scars in less time.
  5. Reduces under-eye circles: Vitamin c is effective at reducing discoloration in the under-eye area.
  6. Reduces skin sagging: As you know already, for skin elasticity and firmness, a protein called collagen is responsible, which depletes over time. & Lower levels of collagen causes skin sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles that make us look older. So What vitamin c does is boost collagen production, which increases skin elasticity and helps in skin tightening.

How can you use Wishcare vitamin C serum?

Here I’ll recommend using topical vitamin c.

That means you should be applying a vitamin c serum ( a kind of potion). On your face rather than ingesting vitamin c based foods or tablets. Now, you must wonder why I am asking to apply it instead of consuming directly because vitamin c is a water-soluble vitamin that dissolves in water.

Hence, it excretes out through urine quickly. And therefore, its benefits to our skin do not show up. To see visible results, we must apply it topically. Don’t worry there’s nothing much to do.

Firstly in the morning, wash your face with a cleanser. After that, take 3-4 drops of any vitamin c serum and apply it all over your face. Wait for a min so that serum seeps into your pores properly, and then use your favorite moisturizer (I prefer using a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid with vitamin c serum as it is my favorite combo. But you can use any moisturizer of your choice).

Here are some more things that you must know before using vitamin c for your skin

  1. You must do a patch test before applying any serums. Wishcare Vitamin c serums are safe to use, but they may irritate people with sensitive skin. So make sure you do a patch test before applying it all over your face.
  2. You must apply sunscreen before going out in the daytime as vitamin c does not block UV radiation from penetrating your skin.
  3. Don’t go for a very concentrated formulation, and it will only harm your skin. You can look for around 8-10% concentration.


  1. Minimalist 10% Vitamin C face serum
  2. The derma co 10% Vitamin C face serum
  3. Dot&key glow revealing Vitamin C serum concentrate
  4. Mamaearth skin illuminate face serum with Vitamin C and turmeric for radiant skin

These are a few of my budget-friendly recommendations. You can try any of these, but again I insist, before direct application of the product, do a patch test to see if it is not irritating. Thank you! for reading till the end hope you all like this information.
To know more regarding skincare, you can visit this link https://anythingatone.com/how-can-i-make-my-skin-clear-and-glowing/.

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