Hello Visitors, today I will tell you about the most popular Indian food in the world. As we know, food is an integral part of Indian culture from place to place. India has its traditions, religion, and culture that influences its food variety. In India, Indians use its numerous ingredients for their tongue taste. From bread to desserts, from a sandwich to curries, Indians have their very complex recipes. 

Following categories includes :-



Samosa is also popular Indian food and very famous and typical street food in northern India also. Due to its spices complexity, it competes with the whole market food alone. Also, due to its low market price and availability, it is one of the most popular foods. Samosa doesn’t need a special occasion to be served—generally, it is filling in spiced potatoes, onions, peas. From place to place, it varies a lot. According to the region, its shape is a triangular cone, half-moon shapes, etc. It generally serves with red-sauce, green-sauce and onions slice etc.

Makki di roti, sarson da saag

This is an evergreen and classic combination of food that everyone loves. It is one of the most popular foods available in the northern region. It flavours likely with mustard greens and spices like ginger and garlic. You can also add spinach to change some color.

Spinach may also alter its flavour.Corn flour is likely to use with its major cooking of makki di roti. Its flavour with makkhan and ghee is the best combination.It is the most popular in winter season.


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Biryani is the most flavorful dish of rice with different veggies and nuts. It is a calorie-dense dish with a maximum of 500 calories. It is also high in dietary fiber and manganese. Various veggies like carrots, French beans, cauliflower, green peas, maize, mushrooms, and potatoes are the most likely in use with it.

South Indian food

The Cuisine of South India

Dosas are a popular and delicious breakfast dish that is similar to crepes but thinner and crispier. Dosas, prepared from fermented rice and lentils, are often extensive and may fill a whole plate.

Rice and lentils are common ingredients in south Indian cuisine. Sambhar and rasam, for example, are the healthiest foods accessible in the south since they contain numerous vegetables combined with grains and curd.

Desserts you must try:-

Gulab jamun

It’s spell is counted as (Gulab + jamun) but it is not actually made with these two. Its alternate names are Lal Mohan, Gulab jam, Gulap jam. It is one of the most popular Indian food & favorite desserts available. For cooking, though, One way to use milk-based powder is readily available in the market. And another one to use pure khoya if you have access to it. You must try it if you are a beginner in cooking, though. 

Gulab jamun is a traditional Indian delicacy consisting of fried dough balls drenched in sweet, sticky sugar syrup. The syrup has a delicate rose flavour, as is customary. Gulab refers to rose water, while Jamun refers to a berry of similar size and colour. Gulab jamun is the most popular sweet which people often use to eat with different flavours of ice-cream.


Halwa is a smooth, fudge-like Indian mithai that gently glides down your tongue and warms your soul.Roasted flour, suji, vegetables and fruits are the other ingriedients. flour, suji, vegetable, and fruits also. In our Indian traditions, there are many types of halwa recipes available. Halwas like shakarkand ka halwa and singhada sheera often in use. It is also popular Indian food

The key ingredients used with every flavour are especially sugar, ghee, and some dry fruits. Some examples are gajar halwa, suji halwa, moong dal halwa, badam halwa, etc.


Malai ghewar Recipe how to make malai ghewar at home - मलाई घेवर रेसिपी :  मिठाई के शौकीन घर पर जरूर बनाएं मलाई घेवर, इतनी आसान है रेसिपी

Ghevar is a traditional Indian dessert which is popular Indian food. It’s Ingredients like flour and sugar syrup are the main ingredients. To produce a unique delicacy, the crispy deep fries discs soaking in sugar syrup and usually decorate with nuts and edible silver leaves. Also, this sweet is very popular in Rajasthan and northern areas. This is also very interesting that you don’t get it throughout all the year and specially available in August to celebrate festivals like Teej and Raksha Bandhan.

Rose almond kheer

Almond kheer is a delicious yet straightforward kheer with a delightful hint of rose flavour. It is a highly nutritious beverage that may be had both in the evening and in the morning. It is highly beneficial to children’s weight increase. Adding different types of nuts adds a new dimension to the flavour. It was much delicious when chilled.

It’s often the same as regular kheer, but with the addition of rose flavour.

Ras Malai

Ras-Malai is a popular and tasty dish.  Rasgullas are deeply steep in thickened and sweetened milk. There is no specific season for enjoying it; you may enjoy it anytime you choose.

It is a milk and cream-based delicacy that developed in the eastern portion of the country.

It is also good for your health because it doesn’t contain any fries and has a low salt, low sugar, high calcium, high protein, and high mineral content.

You can provide flatten as well as circular rasgullas in terms of shape. You can provide flatten as well as circular rasgullas in terms of shape.

Drinks you must try:-

Green Tea

clear drinking glass

It is considered the healthiest beverage on this planet. It contains a lot of health benefits as it contains anti-oxidants. 

Studies reveal that drinking green tea hits a lot of health benefits as boost the immune system, fight off inflammation and heart diseases.

As it contains tannins, intake in excessive amounts can increase the acid in the stomach, which further leads to many digestive issues. It should not be taken before bedtime as it may disturb your sleep.


In the northern portion of the nation, Thandai is the most popular drink. Cashews, almonds, cardamom, peppercorns, poppy seeds, sugar, and fennel seeds are combined with milk to make a thickened paste of nuts and spices. To make it more flavorful, saffron and rose can be added. Thandai should always be served as well chilled.

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