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Male- dominated society and Divorce culture:

India, as we all know is a highly male- dominated society, there’s no hiding in it, is there? Let us see how male domination affects the divorce culture in India.

Inequality seems like a never-ending trend in India everywhere, every platform, every human has to face this at least a hundred times in their entire life.  Isn’t intriguing, we know.


Talking about inequality in marriages, well its nothing new It’s what we are seeing since our childhood, our grandfathers, our fathers, uncles and so on.

Be it any male, the ego is present there, the tradition of being the ruler in the family and that everyone else is supposed to be under their shoes.

If a man is wrong and a woman questions it, he turns the whole world upside down as his male ego is provoked.

While on the context, if a woman tries to free herself from the prison (marriage) our male dominated society puts a ban on it questions arise as how can you leave your husband, he is the provider.

you can’t live without a male partner in your life as he is the backbone of your life. They say, are you sure about this? What will people think of your parents?

What about the enormous amount of dowry they paid for your marriage? This is how you repay them? and endless questions…

Whatever the matter is, this male- dominated society will never agree with you as women always have to sacrifice to satisfy the male ego. Thousands of years have passed, but this! This remains unchanged.

DIVORCE: A topic of social taboo.

Why divorces are low- key considered a disgrace to the society? The question is why do we not consider divorce as an option in India? Why does the society consider it as a judgmental topic?

History of divorces in India:

The divorce rate in India is so low, this reflects the very nature of India regarding marriages. Marriages in India as we all know is a highly patriarchal bond. It has a lot of involvement from the families of the individuals than the brides and grooms themselves.

Marriage, as we all know is a bond of love worldwide. But in India it involves religion and social norms. That, as a result, leads to unwanted tie up which has no turning back. Do we consider this as a fair trade? No, because it clearly isn’t.

For a country where marriages are based on the societal rules and not the two persons involved in it, don’t you all think that technically the divorce rate should be high in India?

But does the society still agree with this? Yes

The fear, social dilemma and judgmental eyes:

The shallow thoughts of the brown people make it so difficult for the people to take a step front for their own selves that couples adjust in their toxic marital lives just to maintain peace in their families and so that they don’t break the socio-cultural norms existing in India.

If a couple still tries to take a good step for their future the society plays the religion card forcibly imposing the ” no divorce”   concept as a slap on their face making them adjust again in the toxicity.

Now, let’s talk about the judgmental eyes of our people when a couple decides to separate, the families, the neighbors, their friends instead of supporting them in taking the right decisions starts judging them, humiliating them, trying their every best to drag them into the blackhole of their life.

The “worse” happens with the women as in every other cases. When a woman decides to exit from the toxic relationship, that they are in into. They are not allowed to do so.

Instead, they have to live with their abusive/ violent partner. Not only the groom side of the family forces her to stay in that unwanted relationship but surprising to hear that the woman’s natal family also forces her to stay in the marriage no matter what the consequences are.


Well, talking about step backs, education is the pebble lying in the street.

In India the literacy rate has been low since always. So if you are literate not how will you stand up for your rights? But more importantly how will you know that what are your rights?

How will you be aware of what’s wrong and what’s not?

The answer is, you don’t.

It’s rightly said that education is the silver lining. Be it any field it is important. Half of the Indian marriages are a result of forcement and adjustment and not the person’s consent.

Why education is important you ask?

  1. In rural India women are treated like dogs and men act like they are the wolves. Men act like they own the woman they are married to. The consequences are so transparent that It’s a shame to the Indian society as a whole. Women are not literate enough to fight for their rights. To take a stand against the wrong. Weather it is domestic violence or sexual harassment they don’t know how to stand up against it.
  2. Illiteracy not only affects the female part of the society but the male too. Lack of education doesn’t teach men how to be a gentleman, they don’t know how to support women and that women are equal to them and holds an equal position in a marriage. As arranged marriage is a  major culture practice  in India, couples don’t get to know each other before marriage and so our not obliged to respect the other person’s interests.

Illiteracy in males never taught them how to respect women and how to give them their equal space in their relationship.

The change:

There’s nothing to change here. The blog is not a promotion for divorces but more of an awareness to the society on how to change what has been going on since ages. The motto is to change the perspective of the people and not to consider divorce as a taboo in this 21st century.

The change needs to establish itself in the eyes of the society. To support the decision taken by a liberal Indian and not treat his/her decisions as an ignominious decision.

Let’s try being more supportive of the fact that individuals are trying to learn how to stand for their rights.
And treat divorce as a secular right. Learn finding happiness in someone else’s happiness

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