Hello! everybody, welcome to my another set of a blog. In this, we are going to talk about the thing which matters. I mean, what is good for our inner soul. And as we know that thoughts or quotes are the first things which inspires us more towards life. The question is WILL BEING FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL GIVE YOU HAPPINESS?

 In today’s life, the new generation and the old generation are clashing with each other. The clash is regarding their minds and thoughts. The new-generation thinks that their thoughts are good. On the other hand, old generation thinks their thoughts were worthy of listening to. But apart from all these conversations, we know that no one is wrong. The thing is, we have a different way of expressing something.

 And now I’m going to share my thoughts on the topic “is being financially successful the only goal of life.” You must be aware of this topic, but in this, I’m just trying to clear your view in my manner. So let’s continue and ensure your power of thinking about financial success.

Will being financial success give you happiness?

Financially reasonable, or I can say, fulfilled by money. “Money can’t buy happiness” Is a very common quote we’ve all heard several times. People are scrolling this quote and forwarding to other people, and it becomes a continuous loop of motivation. Some famous philosophers & celebrities are always praising these quotes like “money can’t buy happiness”. But do any of us truly, genuinely believe it?

will being financially successful

I say “no”. It’s my personal thinking about this conversation. Actually, we all are aware of this. And we know that this is not possible without being financially successful.

If you want to achieve in your goal in life , you need something which accomplishes the site from where you receive education. And that is Money. 

Money can help you in many ways, like in education which is the core thing in our life. And without education, we can’t do anything. I guess, to be financially successful, you have to earn money.

You have to do some productive work. Educating ourselves is not only about earning money, sometimes we need something which can promote our education. Or, to use precious words to the viewers, and to the world-. All these are possible with money. 

Okay! So this was all about how we need money to fulfill our goals and everything. Apart from all the myths we hear, money can give you everything such as home, financial stability, food, etc., but not happiness? Do we really care about these myths? No. we are living in a century where nobody literally cares about your thoughts or life lessons. I’m not saying that these are not important.

But yes, we know the harsh reality about this generation. So firstly we have to attain our needs to become stable in life. And then maybe you are compatible in this metro life where everyone is busy in their own workload whether it is about earning money or fame.

Can money give us stability, or Is it just a myth?

I want to become a billionaire, and I want to achieve all my dreams. These words can mesmerize anyone that, yes, he/ she really wants to do something in their life. They could change the world if they were capable. So, the question is how can they change the world?

will being financially successful

Is it possible with their words only? NO. If we really want to change the world or do something good for our family, society, we need support. And there is only one thing, which is “Money.” Money can give you a beginning to your start-up. And then if you are free from misery in terms of finance, then your first step to be successful is clear.

Financially, you are going to achieve something with your thoughts, your quotes, and your words. And yes, we also know that we are educating ourselves to get enough money that gives us peace in our rapidly moving world. Otherwise, no one is too good to give you the happiness of their own part. 

“Money keeps you happy until It becomes your ego.”

Yes, whatever you have heard till now are my words. It bring you to the conclusion money can give you happiness. Or being financially successful gives you happiness because we need money to survive. Let me be clear that money can give you happiness only till you are satisfied with it.

When this money becomes the only source of happiness in your life. It will start showing its bad effects in life. just like “money can buy books but not the knowledge,” money can’t give you peace. If you are a normal person, 

you want to become a billionaire. And if you are a billionaire, then you want to become a trillionaire. And this becomes a continuity in our lives.

In the end, in the words of Benjamin franklin, ‘Money has never made man happy’. Perhaps there its nothing in its nature that produces happiness. The more of it one has, the more one wants. And studies show that Benjamin was right to certain extents.

Life is short; live freely!

So, till now, we are talking about money, and its pros and cons. What is financial stability and its impact on life? Besides the conversation on the topic, we must not ignore that we are performing all our duties in one life. Our is full of adventure, and we have to enjoy all of them too, apart from living a meaningless life. I know this seems a bit cliché, but we all know it’s the truth. Our lives could be cut short at any time. As could those of our loved ones.

will being financially successful

It’s important to have goals in life and further plans for the future related to money or otherwise. But this can not prevent us from living in the present.

For some reason, amassing money for the sake of amassing money will not bring satisfaction to life. And, at the end of the conversation we had even at the most practical level, you want to be in good financial status.

Happiness can only come from the fulfillment of what we need and want. With that mention, does financially success or money make you happy?

The answer is yes! So, this was all about my topic. If you agree with it, please comment down and let me know that what’s in you mind .

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