Hii everyone welcomes to another blog on parenting. In this blog we will tell you HOW TO MAKE OUR PARENTS LET US TAKE RISK? In this blog, we will cover a question that might have popped up in every child’s mind who is being raised in this modern world.

I have no shame to admit that there are many downsides to this technical era,
but one positive that comes straight to my mind about today’s youth is that ‘WE SEE DREAMS AND
ARE READY TO TAKE RISKS’. Here’s where this blog’s importance comes up because it’s great if you are willing
to take risks, but are your parents going to give you that freedom?

First of all, I would like to make it crystal clear that we won’t blame our parents for everything in this blog.
Instead, we would be focusing more on how to convince them, and at times we will also be introspecting about
what’s wrong within us that it has become so hard for us to communicate our emotions to the people who have raised us.

So let’s get started with breaking things down to simpler chunks which will be easier for you to skim through, and the best way to do that is
by dividing the whole blog into two parts -the problems/obstacles and then the solutions.



We all have seen money being the differentiator in most of the decisions we take. When our parents were brought up, things were not that good on the majority of the population’s financial front.

Therefore the first thing that came to there mind was to earn a living somehow even if it came at the cost of sacrificing their passion and leaving them as an ‘average’ employee at a firm.

That is why most of the parents’ foremost priority is financial security and are not ready to take any risk on that front.


How often do we find ourselves saying ‘You wont get it. You don’t know anything’ to our parents.
This is what people call the communication gap.

And the result is that even after saying this, we do what our parents want us to because they are the decisions makers.
Then our parents choose the path where there is no or just a bit of risk, and we all know where a person lands up who is not ready to take risks.
Yes, in the ‘average land’.


The truth is that many this generation is addicted to mobile, intoxicants and lacks discipline.
And then one day we walk upto our parents and tell them that we want to follow our “passion”.

What happens next, the same old story -your parent, denies and tells you to walk on the path they chose.
WHY? Somehow, they are not sure that even if you pursue what you want, will you give your best and leave the comfortable average land?

Now that we know the problems lets jump onto how to deal with them.



As we discussed above, our parents’ priority is whether we will be able to earn money out of the thing we want to do. So here is the mantra to it -“TRY TO EARN”. And what it means is that in whatever field you want to go, try to
generate revenue out of it.

Once you have the money, you can easily bribe the ghost to run away.

To put it show your parents that you will make a living out of your passion.


And when you will do what you are passionate about, there’s no chance of being average.


The main point here is that you don’t just tell your parents what you want to do?

Tell them ‘HOW’ you are going to do it. Show them your plan, communicate with them, and ‘make them understand’ that you have a full-proof plan ready.

And if this doesn’t work either, jump to the third solution


Now, this is the easiest method because in this it’s all about you. Here you have to start doing your work, maintain discipline
and try to generate results.
Once your parents see that you are taking steps towards your goal and you are serious about it.
They won’t burden you with their ‘average’ thinking and an ‘average’ paying job.

Sorry if I disappointed someone who came here to find the faults in their parents.
But the truth is that we are as much responsible for not being able to convince our parents as much as they are for being rigid at times.

Every parent wants there kid to be successful, but maybe they are not strong enough to bear the sight of
there child breaking down in front or even behind them when he loses.

Therefore it’s our responsibility to give that assurance to our parents that we won’t break down an
even if you do then make that connection with our them, even if we breakdown and hit our lowest, they are there to help us.
And that will only happen if they see that we have given our best.

Once you try and teach all the things mentioned above, you will move from being the child in the first picture to that in the second.
Of course, ignore the gender change.

Let us know what you think about this blog. Is just the parent’s fault or ours too?

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