Hello, all welcome to this blog as you all know that so much discussion is going on about the farmers. In this blog, we will tell you WHAT MAKES THIS FARMERS PROTEST DIFFERENT.

Our country has seen many protests in the past that have helped it reclaim the stature of democracy again and again.
Today, we are witnessing another such protest on the outskirts of Delhi.
The farmers have been protesting for almost a month now at the Singhu, Chilla ,Jharoda and numerous other border areas of the city.
There have been meetings between the government officials and the farmers but none of them have yielded any substantial results.  

But seeing the way this farmers protest is being carried out , a question rises here. In a diverse country like ours and in a situation like this (the pandemic)
what is it that the farmers have done so right or so wrong that they
are the centre of attention of the entire country and this time luckily,of the government too.
And why did the other protests (such as the Shaheen Bagh protest) were not able to make this impact.

Let’s try and find the answers to what makes this farmers protest so different from others –

The Non-violent approach of farmers protest-

  •  We all have read about the role of non-violence in bringing us independence and that’s why the whole country relates to it.
  • The Best things the farmer’s have done is to maintain peace and stick to the mantra of Áhimsa. As a result ,no one is able to blame them
  • for damaging public property or spreading chaos in the society. In the other protests this nonchalance was missing.

Sticking to the issue of farmers protest

  •  One thing that has happened a lot in the past few years is that every protest started for a
  •  specific reason and then when it gathered momentum
  •  the basic issues for which the protest had begun were diluted .
  • The farmers have made it a point that they are only protesting against the 3 farm bills.
  • (Though they were being targeted that they are demanding Khalistan).

The budget

  •  Now this is actually a very interesting factor , bacause when we see a protest on Telivision we don’t often think about the money side of it.
  •  The govt. also easily blames the opposition for “funding” the protesters .
  •  This time around, we see videos surfacing on social media where the farmers are themselves
  • explaining how they have trucks fully loaded with grains that is helping them survive and continue the protest.
Farmers protest

Celebrity support

  •  Again a rare point, how often do we see the celebrities coming out in the support of the protestors (whatever the reason be).
  •  This time, ,many celebrities especially from Punjab and Haryana have shown their open support for the protest.
  •  The list is quiet long but Diljith Dosanjh, Vijendar Singh, The Great Khali are few names that come straight to the mind.

No Godi Media’

  •   The news channels which are blamed to be supported or guided by the government are basically referred to as Godi media these days.
  •   The protestors have made sure that they don’t give any chances to such media houses to show them as the misguided ones,even though some of them are.
  •   Also there have been posters that are implying to boycott these channels.

So these were the five points that why the farmers are marching so fast towards success and have been able to make the government hear there voices.
But before you go,it is important for you to know why the farmers are protesting if this is a question that has been disturbing you throughout this answer.


  • The cause of this agitation are the 3 farm bills that were passed in the parliament near September 2020.
  • The farmers are worried that after the implementation of these bills, the corporate will be in total control of the market.
  • They also think that this law will completely destroy the APMC (Agricultural Produce Market Committee) markets
  • That are run by the government and the ‘mandi’ system will therefore end.
  • There is no mention of MSP (Minimum Support Price) anywhere in these laws which adds to the farmers  concerns because MSP used to guarantee them a minimum price for their crop.
  • In case there is a  dispute between the farmer and corporate , the farmers will only be allowed to meet SDM and  there is provision for the judiciary to step in.

 Last time I saw something like this was way back in 2011 ,when Anna Hazare started his hunger strike at the Jantar Mantar.
 This farmers protest might not be as big as that but the influence it is having on the government is definitely the same.
 The support these farmers are getting from the public is irrefutable . The outcomes of this farmers protest are still not clear but it has taught us one thing for sure. That if protests are well managed and to the point,
 they will surely have an impact on the government. Let us hope that the protest ends soon and India emerges as a stronger democracy out of this.

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