“Looks don’t matter”- Haven’t you heard this line ample times in movies, in television shows or some random motivational speech? But is this phrase correct?

Do these three feel-good words apply to real-life scenarios? Or have people just made this phrase to show that they are not discriminatory and non-judgmental. We will find the answer to these and many such questions in this blog.


I chose to write about this topic because I see people repeating this thought again and again. The result, or rather the consequence, has been that the current generation thinks it is okay to be untidy and unhealthy. Even if you don’t take care of your body, it’s okay because -“Looks don’t matter”.

People have altered the actual meaning of this phrase as per their convenience. It is hard to remain fit and tidy. Therefore, people have started to use this line as an escape to justify their lazy behavior.

This line was introduced because people used to feel inferior about their looks. They used to judge their worth on its basis. It was used to make you believe that you will become successful irrespective of how you look if you have skills.


Imagine that you have gone for the routine morning prayer in your school and your principal announces that a new sports teacher has joined. The principal asks him to come on stage, and suddenly all eyeballs move towards. This guy who is in a neat and clean tracksuit and has an excellent physique.

What would you be thinking about this bloke before he goes on the stage and expresses himself? Won’t you think that he is a disciplined, hygienic and well-maintained person? This is the point.

We tend to judge people subconsciously based on their looks before we interact with them. The interesting point is that we even unknowingly change our interaction style based on other persons’ looks. How can then we say that looks don’t matter.


The power of words is immense, and no one can deny this fact. Many great writers and poets have shaped the thinking of their future generation from time to time. The same goes for phrases. There have been many analogies, phrases, etc., that have shown a path to the human species repeatedly.

The fact is that if a line has got such attention and respect over decades, then there should be some truth in it, and this is precisely the case with these three words. This phrase isn’t wholly wrong, but in my opinion, it is INCOMPLETE.


We will have to understand that when a writer or a philosopher writes something, he doesn’t pen down all the thoughts in his head. A writer makes sure that his content is short and easy to understand. There is always a context behind the lines one writes. t is not displayed every time.” Looks don’t matter ” is a perfect example of this.

When someone would have written or said this for the first time, he didn’t explain the whole context behind this line, and it is understandable.

Looks don’t matter when the other person knows you or at least gets a chance to know you. Looks don’t matter when the other person gets to delve into the person you are from inside, but up to that moment – Looks do matter.

If you are an average-looking person but a perfect human being, then looks would never matter because no one wants to befriend a good-looking person with bad behaviour, but everyone wants to be friends with a good at heart.

All in all, it isn’t brilliant to believe that looks don’t matter. The fact is that they do, but for a brief period. In the long term, your character and your behavior towards other people win by a considerable margin.

So, the complete sentences should be – “Looks don’t matter if the other person knows you or gets a chance to know you “. OR “Looks do matter in the short term, but in the long term, they don’t


If you would have asked the writer/poet/philosopher who had thought about looks for the first time and penned down these three magical words, what were you trying to convey? He would have answered very nonchalantly that “Embrace Gods Creation”.

All of us have some imperfections but what matters is that we learn to embrace them. You have been carried for nine months with such delicacy by your mother inside herself- How can you not be beautiful.

The only task for you is to work upon being healthy and clean because these are the most underestimated parts of your ‘looks’, and people do form a subconscious image of you when they see you for the first time.

Also, the way we carry ourselves and the way we take care of our body has a significant impact on our confidence. So, do you want to sing the ‘looks don’t matter’ jingle for your whole life or do you want to work on yourself, try to remain fit ( thus more confident )and have an excellent first impression on others? The choice is yours.

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