Everyone in today’s world wants to achieve that perfect-looking flawless skin. Which seem a bit difficult to get, and for an instant fix, people often use cosmetics to hide their blemishes, but the question is, does it fade scars and give you clear-looking skin? No!, it may help you hide your acne or scars, but it’ll not cure it permanently. In this blog we will tell you all about HOW CAN I MAKE MY SKIN CLEAR AND GLOWING?

So, what to do for clear and glowing skin? The solution to this problem is “A proper skincare routine.”

Our skin suffers a lot in day-to-day life, .so we must take care of it regularly, and for that, we must follow a skincare regime religiously.

If done correctly and regularly, this skincare routine will do wonders for your skin.

In this blog, I will tell you in detail about skincare and how to do it correctly. So keep on reading till the end. I will also share a bonus tip for much better and quick results.

Skincare for clear and glowing skin

 Talking about skincare, many of you already know about masking your face, cleansing it, toning it, moisturizing, and so on, but some of you get confused about what should I apply first?

The very basic steps are C, T, M, for clear and glowing skin i.e., cleansing, Toning & moisturizing.

Let’s begin with cleansing for clear and glowing skin.

Cleansing for clear and glowing skin


 It’s an initial step of your skincare, first damp your face with water and after that, apply any mild cleanser. Some people may use face wash for cleansing, but I recommend using any mild cleanser as it will be more gentle on your skin. Face washes are a bit harsh on the skin.

You may apply when you feel like your face looks very dull, greasy, and dirty due to external factors like pollution, dust, or exposure to the sun. Just make sure that you don’t overuse it, as it might make your skin dry and patchy.

Coming back to cleansing, people with oily skin should use gel-based formula because it works well for their skin type as it helps clear excess sebum off the skin and makes it more refreshed and clean.

And for people with dry skin, an oil-cleanser or cream-based cleanser works best. It uses natural oils & emulsifiers to cleanse the skin while providing a soothing effect to redness and inflammation, if any. Also, it hydrates well. 

Concluding the first step, you have to wash your face with a cleanser ( depending on their skin type) Or you can use a facewash if you go out daily. After washing your face, pat dry it with a soft towel and then move forward to our next step, i.e., Toning.

Toning for clear and glowing skin

Till now, you’ve washed off all the dirt or gunk from your pores. Now it’s time to soothe your skin with something very hydrating and refreshing that. You’ll need a toner!. Toner looks like a watery substance that usually comes in a spray bottle.

You just have to spray it on your face, or you can take few drops of it on your palm and then apply it to your face in a dabbing motion. Don’t use cotton pads because cotton will soak up the product, and you will not get the expected results. So use your hands and apply the toner.

Now, a very obvious question arises that which toner should I use? Their are many skin types it can vary from oily skin to dry skin & even combination skin, etc. Which product will suit me the best? You’ll be amazed if I tell you that one product is suitable for all skin types and nothing else but pure rose water. 

Yess! Rosewater can work as wonderful toner for every skin type( except for the people who are allergic to rose water, do a patch test to check that). If you aren’t allergic to rosewater, then it is a very decent thing to use on your face as a toner. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and will look smooth and dewy.

If you are done applying a toner, we will move further towards our last step, which is adding lots of moisture to our skin.

Moisturizing for clear and glowing skin

 After completing all the previous steps, your skin is now cleansed and hydrated well now. The only thing left is to lock the moisture into your skin & which can be easily done by applying a good moisturizer.

I want to tell here that people with oily skin do not apply moisturizer, thinking it will add greasiness to their skin. It’s a complete myth that people must use a moisturizing cream to get smooth, soft skin regardless of skin type.


There are many moisturizers available on the market. You can pick any of them that suits your skin type. An oil-based moisturizer will work dry skin & a light gel-based moisturizer will do oily skin. Other than that, my recommendation is to use aloe Vera gel.

Trust me. It works wonders. It will moisturize as well as help in reducing dark spots. Many brands claim that they sell pure aloe Vera gel, but if you see that product, it contains a tint of color to it & also you get a mild fragrance! That certainly comes from some type f chemicals. So, choose wisely & always check the ingredient list mentioned on the packaging of the product you buy.



 One more product in this category is a moisturizer with “Hyaluronic acid” in it. I emphasized the use of hyaluronic acid in the skincare regime. It is a type of humectant. 

“A humectant is a hygroscopic substance. “ This means that it possesses the ability to attract moisture from the environment and add it to your skin.

You’ll see a drastic change after the continuous application of this moisturizer. Your skin will look bouncy, supple, and younger. 

So, yeah! It is something I prefer in my skincare products.

MORE ABOUT SKINCARE ROUTINE for clear and glowing skin

I hope by now you have understood about basic skincare routine & how to do it correctly. Now, let me tell you that skincare consists of several steps. If you have heard of Korean skincare, it has ten steps, and I know that nobody has this much time to do. So keeping that in mind, I’ve explained a very basic 3 step routine that everyone can easily follow.

You can do this in the morning as well as at night. If you do this in the morning, you have to add one extra step and is applying SPF to prevent damage caused by UV rays. 

That’s it. You’re ready to conquer the world with your beautiful, younger-looking skin.

HEALTHY DIET for clear and glowing diet

Now, it’s time for the bonus tip that I’ve mentioned earlier to tell you about, and that secret tip is “A healthy diet.” for clear and glowing skin Well, I know you may find it a cliche, but you must agree on the fact that a healthy diet can bring some positive changes to your body.

No matter how expensive products you apply to your skin, you just can’t achieve that natural glow if you are not eating healthy!. It is the most crucial thing for healthy skin. 

If you want to glow from within, you have to start taking a good diet and avoid taking processed food and contains sugar, gluten, lots of spices and oils, etc.

These types of foods increase the production of free radicals in our blood. Also, it creates a hormonal imbalance. Which further leads to skin issues like acne, blackheads, dark spots, pigmentation, etc. 

To avoid all these issues, you must change your diet routine now !. 

Start taking fruits and salads in your diet. Eat citrus fruit like berries, oranges, grapes, etc. you can also eat nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashew nuts & raisins. These food items are loaded with vitamins and minerals needed by our bodies to repair cells.

Another nutrient is essential for the excretion of waste from our body, and that nutrient is Fibre. Fiber adds bulk to our food and helps get rid of undigested food that is not needed by our body & hence, clears our body internally. So, eating fibrous food is beneficial to us.

At last, a very obvious piece of advice to give is to drink plenty of water. It flushes out impurities and toxins from our blood through urine or sweat. Therefore, it is important to drink enough water to stay clean from within and to remain hydrated.  

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