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What is parenting?

Parenting, it’s a process of providing a home and shelter to their child. To provide love and affection. To provide health and financial support to their child till they grow up enough to provide themselves the same on their own. 

The main goals of parenting all over the world mainly consist of three responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring the safety and health of the child.
  2. Preparing children for the high roads of life and transforming them into responsible adults.
  3. To impart some cultural and social values to them.

However, it may sound easy and fumble in those words, but parenting is so much more about just these. It’s the kind of responsibility that’s incomparable to anything else in the world. 

Types of Parenting:

There can’t be any possible count for the ways of upbringing your child, but there are some specific manners in which parents raise their child. There’s no such thing as perfect parenting, but we can say there are two styles of parenting. 

The two main types of parenting are permissive and authoritative. Authoritative parenting associates the strict type of parenting, whereas permissive parenting corresponds more with loving and less with rules and strictness. 

What is Authoritarian Parenting?

Authoritarian parenting is more like “no-nonsense” parenting. These parents tend to be the most strict out there, opposite to the permissive parents. They tend to impose a lot of rules and regulations.

They don’t give a lot of attention to what their children think of how they are managing. Authoritarian parents think it’s best if we focus on the future goal and not the present hustle.

They believe in giving punishments to keep the kids in line. They tend to believe that “the work should be seen if you’re working for it.” They think the rules bound by them are the best and will have a better impact on their child’s future. 

While this may sound harsh and a bit backward, most authoritarian parents solidly believe that their child’s way of upbringing is fruitful and elite. They are confident that this parenting style will produce capable, well-rounded, better-achieving members of society. 

Advantages of strict parenting:

School achievement:

 One of the advantages of strict parenting is that they are way too serious about their child’s academics. They always focus on how to make their children gain the best grades.

They do everything from the best schools to private tutors to achieve what they want from their children. And they may even limit other curricular activities and fun from their child’s life so that they concentrate more on their studies.

Strict parents demand the best grades from their children, and the children too tend to perform extremely well because of those expectations. 


Another great advantage of strict parents is that they induce confidence in their children. They teach their children how always to make the right choices or deal with the consequences later.

Parents teach them how to compare their choices in life and weigh out what’s best for them. They make their children disciplined, which leads to a confident, independent adult. 


 Strict parents always teach their kids how to be responsible in every situation. They teach you to follow a schedule, do everything on time, and handle your responsibilities seriously.

Everything falls in line, from doing your homework and packing your school bag to making yourself breakfast and choosing the best college. One can surely say that strict parenting ruins childhood but can only see the sacrifice once the child becomes a conscientious and trustworthy adult. 


People say that having strict parents can ruin your life in the future. They say kids will end up opting for the wrong path and fail to control their lives because they’ll be in a hurry to escape their present livelihood.

It is not true having strict parents change your way of thinking, and you don’t make the wrong decisions. Even if someone makes a wrong decision, they are brought up so that they always know a way out of it.

On your way of life from a child to an adult with strict parents already teaches you how to take care of yourself and handle every bump of life. Having strict parents teaches you how to be strong-willed, and no matter what, “you will always be fine.” 

Disadvantages of strict parenting:


 Experts say strict parenting breeds children who lie. They say strict parenting frustrate the inner-self of the children, which turns them into a liar. It is seen that the traditional approach to their child’s upbringing tends to excessively punish their child even for the smallest mistake they make.

This later results in bowing a bad habit in their child’s brain, which is lying. Now further ahead, whenever they get a chance to lie, they do so as it feels easier to escape the truth. So, we can say that this parenting approach may or may not turn children into prolific liars.

Less motivation: 

When a child is brought up strictly, they are always told what to do and never asked, “what do you want to do?”. Their life is always dictated at every step rather than encouraging kids to take measured or inquisitive risks in various stages of development.

We all know children are creative creatures but having a strict parent with rules changes that all. Creativity is not the key to success with strict parents, but hard work on the right path is. Therefore, the controlling life kills their motivation to do something on their own and hence kills the motivation. 

Not having any hobbies: 

 Authoritarian parents always insist on what’s right for the future and not the present interest of their child. There is always pressure on those children to excel in academics and prepare for the future because they don’t have time for anything else. This results in not pursuing any specific hobby in their life because they don’t have time to work on it. 

Anger issues: 

 Throughout their childhood, they are made to follow the living filled with rules and schedules. Living with strict parents takes out the fun of being a kid. It changes a child’s natural being. These strict changes and manipulation and schedules throughout their development journey make them angry people later in life.

A child can experience anger issues, resentment, and hateful sentiment towards their parents. This anger issue may not only restrict towards their parents but can also outburst in front of others. They later transformed into an annoying and cranky individual


 Growing up with strict parents always builds a sense of “not being enough “in children’s minds. Children feel that they are unlovable and not incapable of doing things on their own.

An environment where their thoughts and wants are not taken into consideration results in unhealthy mental development. Therefore, depression rates among these children increase as they feel unhappy and unwanted in their very own homes with their very own parents.

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